The future is being created now. By us all.
So let’s use human-centred tech to make education more inclusive.
We are planning with teachers, and not for them.

The mission

EICON is an Erasmus+ funded project. Its main objective is to support organisations / institutions providing Vocational Education and Training (VET) to become more inclusive using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We will create real-world, practice-oriented recommendations by crowdsourcing expertise from practitioners from all over Europe and we will publicly share the knowledge gained.
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Who we are

Six partners from Germany, Portugal, Greece, Sweden and Finland have joined forces to elaborate practice-oriented recommendations.

Partners come from organisations that provide VET (Invalidisäätiö - Vocational College Live (FI) and Cooperativa para a Educação e Reabilitação de Cidadãos Inadaptados de Cascais – CERCICA (PT)), that support organisations / institutions that provide VET (Specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten – SPSM (SE) and the National Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (EL)), that provide technology for VET organisations and individuals (EPISTIMI GIA SENA ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIRIA (EL)) and that support organisations in complex change processes (Institut für Technologie und Arbeit – ITA (DE); project coordinator).

Crowdsourcing expertise

Crowdsourcing is a way of solving problems and producing new ideas by connecting online with people that you otherwise wouldn’t reach, giving citizens/experts the opportunity to learn from others, collaborate and participate in the decision-making process. We created a platform where experts and practitioners can share their expertise, co-creating value and the knowledge gained. The platform:

  • ✔ allows experts to speak up and provide insights

  • ✔ encourages participants to invite more experts

  • ✔ gives you feedback on your real impact

  • ✔ creates value for all



Join our crowdsourcing platform in order to make your voice heard! You can enrich the reports by speaking up and providing your own input.

Keep track of your responses and stay informed about all the planned reports.

keep track

Invite your friends and colleagues to contribute to reports that actually matter.

Invite your friends and colleagues to contribute to reports that actually matter.

Win awards as a "thank you" for your impact in the reports.

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Let others learn from your expertise

Check the impact of your contribution, after the experts' opinions transform into a publicly available report.


Check the impact of your contribution, after the citizens opinions transform into a publicly available report.


Learn and get new insights by joining the discussion.

What are we crowdsourcing?

How can Information and Communication Technology make VET more inclusive? We are focusing on 7 thematic areas:

  1. Pedagogy & teaching / learning approaches
  2. Technology & infrastructure
  3. Establishing & maintaining links to employment / labour market
  4. Stakeholder involvement, collaboration & partnerships
  5. Leadership
  6. Transition & target scenarios for VET organisations
  7. Continuous improvement process
Our work is being published for a certain time on the crowdsourcing platform to collect further ideas, comments or suggested changes from a wider audience in Europe. So we are bringing practitioners’ views in, to combine them with theory and research results. At the end, we will publicly share the knowledge gained!

The future is being created now. By us all. Join the discussion now and invite whom you value most to contribute, too.

Survey questions on Technologies and Infrastructure

What is the potential of ICT for inclusive Pedagogy & Teaching? Our preliminary results are now open for your insights. The consultation process has two parts.

1st part - Your expert/practitioner profile: Describe your background and experiences with ICT in practice. (Once you do this, you do not need to fill it in again; next time you contribute can just log in)

2nd part - Your voice: See our preliminary results and amend, change or revise the text from your experience. Please do also add your own examples of use of ICT that have been successful in the area of Vocational Education and Training.
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