Improving Community Safety with AI

Using AI Responsibly for a Safer Tomorrow

Welcome to the "Improving Community Safety with AI" project. Our mission is to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilized to enhance the safety of our neighborhood while respecting and protecting everyone's privacy and fundamental rights.

In today's digital age, AI has the potential to transform the way we ensure community safety by offering faster response times, predicting and preventing crimes, and allocating resources more efficiently. However, it's crucial that these advancements do not come at the expense of our privacy or introduce biases and discrimination.

This project aims to build trust in AI tools used in law enforcement through increased awareness, ongoing social engagement, and inclusive discussions. By directly involving the community, we hope to gather valuable insights and suggestions that will help shape responsible and effective AI policies.

We invite local residents, community organizations, law enforcement agencies, researchers, and academics to participate in this important conversation. Your feedback is essential in creating a balanced approach that leverages AI's benefits while safeguarding our rights.

Join us in this journey to empower our community and ensure a safer, more inclusive tomorrow.

Community Safety and AI Survey

We value your opinion on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to improve community safety. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your responses will help shape future policies and ensure that AI is used responsibly and effectively.

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